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Resistencia en la línea negra

Tue 16.04. at 18:00 regenbogenKINO

Direction: Amado Villafaña & Saúl Gil Silvestre & Gil Zarabata, CO 2011, 85 min, Spanish/ Arhuaco/ Wiwa/ Kogui with German subtitles

Resistance along the  Black Line is the first Colombian documentary to be entirely directed, scripted, photographed, and post-produced by Amerindians. The Black Line is an ancestral topographical frontier marked by ritual mounds along a strategic area of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range in northern Colombia. It is the symbolical divide between the visible and the invisible world set by the Arhuaco, Kogi and Wiwa peoples of the Sierra Nevada, and has also come to symbolize the final frontier between sustainable and destructive uses of natural resources. Resistance along the  Black Line narrates instances of resistance by the Arhuaco, Kogi, and Wiwa to destructive forays into their ancestral territories by multinationals, paramilitaries and guerrillas. It is also a response to how indigenous peoples are portrayed by non-indigenous film-makers. Photographer and filmmaker Amado Villafaña is director of the Zhigoneshi Indigenous Center of Communications, located in Colombia‘s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The center is focused on documenting and communicating indigenous concerns and worldviews using visual media. It is a unit of Gonawindúa Tayrona, an organisation founded by three of the region‘s indigenous groups – Kogi, Arhuaco and Wiwa – to recover ancestral lands and to secure their cultural survival in a region threatened by development and by political violence.

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